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At Ballet Academy of Fremont, dance is a life-enriching journey of individual well being for all ages, backgrounds, and levels. The goal is to educate and inspire two different kinds of character. First, and most important, is personal character. This includes discipline, determination, confidence, creativity and respect for oneself and others. Second, is the character that can captivate an audience with one of a kind talent. We are athletes in body, mind, and soul.

About the Director

Heidi Vander Boon has a Bachelors of Art in Dance from Grand Valley State University. She founded and directed, from 2006-2010, the dance program at the YMCA's of Greater Grand Rapids. For over a decade, she has been honored to work as a dancer, instructor, or choreographer in various ballets, musicals, dance schools and churches in west Michigan and northwest Ohio. 

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2380 Sean Drive, Unit 6

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