• Determining When a Dancer is Ready for Pointe

    There comes a point when every dancer wants to know when will she achieve her pointe shoes. As a teacher, I love the eagerness behind the question. Most often it means her heart is really in it!   Read More...

  • A Dance Resolution for Adults

    In the New Year, dance can be a great way to try something new or return to a joyful part of your past. It can even be a new way to go about your resolution. It doesn’t need to be about fitness for you to resolve to dance.   Read More...

  • A Dancer's Wish List

    In the Nutcracker Clara bursts into dancing when she unwraps a pair of pointe shoes on Christmas Eve. While a dancer’s first pair of pointe shoes matches the joy of the season, the timing of this achievement usually is not Christmas. However, I have a few gift ideas to make your dancer to leap for joy.   Read More...

  • The Matter of a Dance Floor Matters

    Much like a dancer, a sprung dance floor is always becoming a better version of itself. To date, and at Ballet Academy, it is composed of six layers. Layers one, two and three are 1 x 4’s laid 16 inches apart on center.   Read More...

  • A Ballet Bun Equals Success

    Hair wrapped in a bun is older than ballet. It can be traced back to Grecian woman who twisted jewels into the low knot as a sign of status and wealth. Then, woman of the Victorian Era moved the bun higher and added curls and braids.   Read More...

  • Toddler Ballet Class - “No Mom’s Allowed”

    After watching her dance around your home dressed up as a ballerina, you've signed your toddler up for ballet. Upon arriving at the studio door for the first class you are stopped dead in your tracks. The policy is "No moms allowed".   Read More...

  • Plan Your Trip to the Ballet

    Whether in class or at the theater, good visuals tremendously assist in a dancers training. As you mark your calendar with the day and time of your dance class also save the date for a trip to the theater. Choosing from what is close to home, here are a few suggested ballets for the 2014-2015 season.   Read More...

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